Sunday, December 7, 2008


This is my second can cake .This one came out much better. It's Duncan Hines white cake m ix. I used butter cream frosting.I just rounded the double layer 1/4 inch sheet cake. Iced it . For the design I made a stencil of the Mountain Dew logo on the 16 pack box.This is the great part ,I did the logo on edible printer paper, with edible food color felt marker, then airbrushed the green on the can shaped iced cake. Then layed the designed paper in the center. touched it up with airbrush( green to blend with cake).Added the silver for the top and bottom of can. Added the can tab , it's done Wow that was fun.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fun with Fondant

This is my first fondant cake . Fondant is a pretty awesome frosting for cakes. Fondant recipes will vary in taste. They are fun to work with, similar to play doe.
The cake in the picture is a nine inch square, double layer.
I used a Betty Crocker box cake. I enjoy using boxed cake mix because it's always seems to come out nice and moist.
I 'm looking forward to my next fondant cake.